9 Nov 2010

battleship potemkin stills

Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece "battleship potemkin" is at least mentioned once in every second art-theory essay I have read recently so much, that I already thought I had seen it, but I didn't, until tonight. I will not dare to doubt any of the statements: I am just surprised that I never read anything about how humorous and jolly this movie is - next to all the tradgedy and grief it depicts. (well..."serious" art essays about "humorous" art normally go wrong, just by the nature of it)

things you discover when you play around with your dvd player...amazing overlayering

fruit for thought about adding colour into a b&w image/movie...
(just wondering if that flag was really really red once and is only faded due to the age of the movie...or maybe they already new back then that pink is the new red = see daniel ortega's new christian/sandinistas flag)

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