16 Nov 2010

drawings of objects

some ideas and scetches for a litho tomorrow that will have more of a watercolour quality...I started with the catheter object, just some pencil drawing coloured with chinese in...and from then started doodeling around, and discovered the wooden quality of the ink when applied as stripes...quite interesting. will try and replicate that tomorrow as a print and will try to implant some errata in the numerals...lets see.
(note on the side: two people mentioned that they look like something that need to be build/made.)
and another thought: used cartridge paper for first drawing (because it was ruined, because I laid it somewhere, where somebody else had decided to smear some grease – useful comment of technician: "yeah, be careful where you put your paper!" thanks!
anyways - the newsprint I used from then on of course started creasing and wrinkling, which is actually quite nice, because it creates a weight towards the object, as if the object is actually pulling on the paper...just a thought :-)

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