7 Nov 2010

Marsden Woo Gallery, Great Sutton Street 07.11.2010

Double Take – Philip Eglin and Tony Hayward (pictures show work of the latter) at Marsden Woo Gallery in EC1...bumped accidentally into this very very good curated show.
Tony Haywards work is veeery humorous and witty...he created these small little panoramic sculputres which look like stage designs for roger rabit or the looney toons. another part is a series of photographs where he replaces the faces of the depicted with a face of other material he finds...or uses on and the same circle cut out of a face and sets it in different photos. and last but not least, he decapitates little kitsch porclain figures (we call them nippes in german) and replaces them with plastic toy heads (my favorite – a playmobile-figure head). And the weird (or probably the good) thing is: it's not that obvious...it actually takes a while until you realize something is not quite right, it somewho seems to make sense. I just realized that I keep posting things which are in my comfort zone anyways, all very familiar and easy to like – I should probably try and look for more challenging work (challenging me that is) to move on from level 1.

The space is absolutely fantastic (should have taken a picture of it...) - chatted with the gallerist for a little while and he was complaining that they don't have enough people coming in (maybe because of the doorbell-procedure, slightly off-putting I think)...and they have been there since 12 years!!! he asked me to tell all my friends about them – so here it goes: www.marsdenwoo.com.
There are also two really good breakfast cafes around the corner (which is why I actually ended up in that area...so much for my professional MA journal...oh well)

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