8 Nov 2010

studio lay-outs 08.11.2010

a tableau of 19 of the film frames I have printed last week...can't really say about it right now. i haven't really developed a feeling for it. I am working on the animation at the moment, which has very interesting moments.

I have also followed up my find/thought from the weekend about the discovery/presentation of doubles: I layed the graveyard photographs out on the studio floor, and combined them with the prints I have made last week and added two identical cards and two idential tables forming a kind of pyramid.
the effect this had was interesting...since the maps and tables are from a publication about the steel production in germany 1941 the association with world war II is very quick. combined with two images of graveyards, and two pictures of two men...the story line is obvious...unless I saw that the graveyards are not two different ones but the same, and the image of the two guys is there two times, which in a way makes it 4...ok, I need to think about this more...there is something about it I can't really put into words, but it worked on the floor...there.

and then I went a little bit mad and made a huge double image formation...just for the fun of it and because it is so nice to have a huge studio no one else seems to use :-)

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