22 Nov 2010

Tutorial 19.11.10

Tutorial with Finlay:
- study the relationship between painting/drawing and photography
- look at portraits
- what are the drivers for making the works?
begin to define some 'notions' or more specific things some or all of the works to deal with
- what reaction do I want?
- what values are pairs and multiples?
- Thomas Zipp
- Steven Claydon } exhibition "Rings of Saturn"

Works of Thomas Zipp (german painter/punk rock musician)
"Zipp's work explores myths, messages of symbols, the timelessness of basic human experience making a wide variety of historic references.." (Gertrude Wagenfeld-Pleister)

just some notes I made while reading about the "rings of saturn" exhibtion (Tate, 2006)
- sinister, allusive, overlooked moments, false patina of age, disquieting, juxtaposition

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