12 Oct 2011

Written feedback MA Printmaking

Congratulations on a powerful series of prints. Over the period of the course your practice has developed in its maturity and sophisitcation. You have mastered stone litho and used it sensitively and effectively in these works. The choice of letterpress is also appropiate and the way in which the text is used enhances the complexity of the pieces and asks more questions of the audience. The framing and the willingness to change the hang at the last minute were good decisions. In some way the work transcends its media without denying it (of course the viewers knowledge and constructs inform this) it seems stone lithography is alive and well in your hands.
The research and writing was also important to your progress and should be maintained as part of your practice.
Thank you for your role as student rep and your help and engagement with the course. Well done.
Thank you!

Mark: 85 (out of 100) = Distinction

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